Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Can someone tell me where I can buy cute, flat peep toe sandals?

Summer is almost here %26amp; I'm having a hard time finding sandals that don't show a lot of toe. I don't have the best looking feet, so can someone direct me to a store where I can find some peep toe sandals for the beach??

Can someone tell me where I can buy cute, flat peep toe sandals? u can find anything on there.
Reply:If your mall has an O shoes or Agaci shoes, thats the perfect place. They range at about 14.99-17.99 and they come in all colors. Hope this helps.
Reply:you can but them at the gap.or even rue 21

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What do you think of the New Gladiator Style sandals?

I heard they are the MUST have item for the summer. I personally think they are cute.

What do u think??

What do you think of the New Gladiator Style sandals?
i think there okay im not sure if i would go out of my way to buy a pair
Reply:I have always thought that Gladiator Style Sandals were ugly. This is a fad that wont last too long! So if you buy a pair, dont spend to much money on them!

"Thanks, Mary-Kate! Since they were seen on her little trotters, gladiator sandals have started appearing in all kinds of shoe shops for all sorts of prices. My money is on “passing fad”, so don’t splurge too much unless you really want to!"
Reply:they are only cute because they are in style. if the celebs werent wearing them, everyone would think they are ugly.
Reply:iii loooooove them!

the sam edlemans are cuter
Reply:ewwww... they're sooo fugly. who would wear them? i mean... besides ACTUAL gladiators.....
Reply:I love them! I have a pair right now and plan on getting more!
Reply:i luv em

i got a cute pair from nine west yesterday

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How do I 'un-squeak' my pair of new sandals?

I bought a new pair of sandals and it squeaks every time I take a step. Please help.

Thank you.

How do I 'un-squeak' my pair of new sandals?
get a needle and poke some holes into a spot where your foot does not touch the shoe. But not on the bottom just the soft part.
Reply:Hi Alia

i don't know answers this questions but i know who give it.i send a Bata Company Customers Support Internet link . they will be give answer to your Question . Bata is a top company in Indian footwear market

Link :-

Thanks Regard


if u get answer than forward an sewers to me
Reply:Find the mouse who made them and ask for the antidote.

No really, Take them back and get ones that do not squeak.

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Is it OK to wear foot jewelry (anklets, barefoot sandals or toe rings) when I go to my Yoga class?

I have some barefoot sandals that look cute and I am wondering if it will affect me doing the exercises or if the instructor would disapprove.

What is OK to wear of the items I mentioned if some are not OK?

Is it OK to wear foot jewelry (anklets, barefoot sandals or toe rings) when I go to my Yoga class?
As long as it is not bulky or noisy when it moves around, you should be fine. You don't want to wear items that jingle or items that would restrict movement or scratch against your skin when you move.

As far as wanting to look fashionable in your class, I see nothing wrong with that. If anything, it will contribute to you having a positive attitude about yourself.

From the items you have mentioned:

Toe rings - completely fine, ones that contain crystals have a positive energy and are actually beneficial to wear

Anklets - as long as they are soft, no large beads or bells, simple twine and hemp are best and will help your chi

Barefoot sandals - fine as long as they are soft and non abrasive, muted and natural colors are best

I've seen a lot of people wearing toe rings and thin, handmade anklets in yoga classes. I think they help out with spirituality. I disagree with those stating that they have no place in doing yoga.
Reply:no b/c it may jingle or something and make noise which would distract everyone♥
Reply:it depends on what your level is and why not just ask her if wearing foot jewelry cool
Reply:All the items you've mentioned should be ok to wear.
Reply:do you go to Yoga class to show off or to be lean and trim there is a place for everything
Reply:I actually make jewelry including ankle bracelets and some yoga studios are selling them for me. So ankle bracelets are fine. I'll keep mine on for months at a time.

As for toe rings, as long as you are used to them and they cannot catch on anything, it is fine. If you aren't used to them, it can distract from your practice.

As far as barefoot sandals, again, if you are used to them it's fine, but I find that when I wear them, I am very much aware that they are there. You want to feel as grounded to the earth as possible without anything interfering and while in meditation you don't want to be distracted by something pinching your toes. If when you're wearing them you feel totally barefoot-then go for it!

Enjoy your practice!
Reply:It depends on what exactly you wear......

like my mother, loves anklets, and gold foot jewelry.

I think you can wear an anklet to yoga class as long as it does not make any noise. It must be well fitted to your ankle.
Reply:no, stops concentration
Reply:i think toe rings would look very cute .. just make sure they dont jingle
Reply:you can but i dont recemend it, you could hert yourself they jewlery may cute you ar something.

of course it is o.k.

fashion is a girls best friend.
Reply:Yes just make sure it's not loud and a disturbance to other people if it is.
Reply:no.. because they could jingle or watever to disturb the class

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Do any of you women slip out of your sandals or flip flops and play with them when you're around a guy?

Do any of you women slip out of your sandals or flip flops and play with them when you're around a guy?

And if so, why?

I see it alot actually so stop putting up that anal front most of you seem to do. It's ok......really

Do any of you women slip out of your sandals or flip flops and play with them when you're around a guy?
It's generally kind of an unconscious act. Like twirling hair or touching you while we talk. It's a sign that we're interested in you.

So if you see it a lot must be that a lot of girls find you interesting.
Reply:your welcome Report It

Reply:Yea i do but it isn't always around guys i just like taking off my flip flops and moving them around the floor or something like that. It's just that i usually get bored or tired and take them off it just gives you something to do.

:D Susie
Reply:Yes, last night (Sat) I was at my sister's wedding reception. My cousin's daughter was hitting him with her flip flops. In my own words... his daughter does not act her age .

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My wife wants me to throw away my favourite sandals, because they look old and tattered, what should I do?

I really like these sandals

My wife wants me to throw away my favourite sandals, because they look old and tattered, what should I do?
its ur wife!! listen to her. dont make her mad they r just sandals.

she is doing u a favor and saving u embarassment. be nice n throw them away.

buy new ones or another pair its not a big deal there are many other things to wrry about.. like your wife
Reply:Take a look at your wife, does she look old and tattered? If so perhaps you should throw her away, if not the sandals should go.
Reply:find some new favorite sandals. you are embrassing her with those things on.
Reply:If these are really very old and u have power to purchase new ones then throw them. u l get new sandals and a happy wife!
Reply:If u reall like them that much u could take them to a cobbler or leather worker to have the look refurbished but still have them worn in
Reply:Buy a new pair to keep her happy in public. But keep the old pair to wear when you please. Old friends should not be parted. She should surely understand that. Would you throw her out when she gets old and tattered, as we all do?
Reply:Have a sandal burning ceremony.

grill some beef.

invite some neighbors.

put on some festive music.

or you could just throw away the sandals.
Reply:Long ago, my mom gave me these sage words of wisdom:

Never, ever, ever throw anything of your husband's away.

As a chef, my husband has to wear a hat all the time. He has this tattered, bleached out, stinky Yankees ball cap (that was blue at one time but is now pink from repeated bleaching) that he WILL NOT PART WITH.

This leaves me with two choices - let him wear the hat or make an issue about it. I choose to NOT make an issue out of it.

As long as you wear them, then your wife should think about following my mom's advice, too.

If you don't wear them, be a nice guy and pitch them yourself.
Reply:Buy two pair that are just the same. Maybe 5 or 6. Spare no expence.
Reply:Keep em, till you find a comfy new pair.

(Try buying sandals from the same brand).
Reply:Just i can't there special to me, and relate to sometime when you and your wife did something special. tell her that you wear them for the sentimental value.

and if that doesn't work, just hide them in your car, or under the bed!
Reply:oh another What should I do retard
Reply:kill her and dump her body in the ocean... nobody messes with your sandals!
Reply:There are more important things to worry about....
Reply:You know what, my husband has so many things I would like to throw away but, he loves them so I can't. Tell her you will only wear them when she is not around.
Reply:Get em framed!!! then she wont be able to throw them away. But then maybe she'll throw your @$$ out for spending 100$ on a frame for crappy sandles.

Ask her if she will throw you away when you old and tattered. Tell her you where the sandals to remind you of the security she gives you a solid ground to stand on.

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We are planning a honeymoon and are torn between Sandals and Couples in Ocho Rios. Heard good things aboutboth

We've seen two is very pro Sandals, the other Couples. We are open to other options as well. Looking for tropical, all inclusive, laid back but fun, no children.

We are planning a honeymoon and are torn between Sandals and Couples in Ocho Rios. Heard good things aboutboth
Both will be great resorts. I would also suggest Breezes Runaway Bay (it re-opened last month after a massive renovation), and Club Ambiance (said to be the best bargain in Jamaica.) Both of those also have a "no kids" policy. Oh, Breezes no longer has the au natural beach area.

You can research all of these resorts, and many many more, at Just type in the resort name in the search area and trip reports written by previous visitors will be available. You can also see "candid traveler photos" and ask questions in the "forums" section. It is a tremendous resource for researching your trip.

The most important decision for your honeymoon will be the resort you choose. For that reason decide what you want in a resort and choose from there.

Just an aside: if you feel like walking on the wild side, Breezes offers free day or night trips to Hedonism III which is located about a mile away.
Reply:i am a jamaican and i am still in jamaica and i suggest Sandals though all of them on the western strip are like heavennnnnn. sandals here is the much talked about the creme de la creme

i don't have to post you no websites. me a tell yuh di real deal a Sandals
Reply:i would suggest sandals
Reply:Congrats. My choice is Sandals but here are a few sites to help you out, Enjoy yourself
Reply:Sandals is the way to go. Pay up front, put the wallet in the safe. Everything is included. No worries

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.
Reply:We stayed at Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica a couple of years ago...they had just opened. We went with another couple and really enjoyed it. It was all of the things you mentioned. There were lots of activities and dining choices, but you could also do nothing and hang out pool or beach side. Everything was meticulously clean, and the employees were courteous. All of the rooms have ocean front balconies, and it's nice to order breakfast and have it on your balcony. Of course, I also recall getting a very good price on the trip because we booked it before they were even open. The only drawback is that it's a 45 minute or so bus ride from the airport. I don't know if Ochos Rios is closer. Sorry that I can't help you with Couples. Enjoy your honeymoon!
Reply:I've heard very good things about Sandals, I've never heard of Couples. I know you have to have a lot of money to stay at sandals. I think there prices start at about $600/night and thats in like a standard hotel room.
Reply:couples i would tell you to go for a fact you will love it , sandals are more for families with kids

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